. Tried them out and they are delicious. Guava taste is more like musky when young or unripe and earthy-sweet when fully ripe. All in all, the fruit is quite aromatic and tastes like a strawberry, lime zest, and sometimes, passionfruit. Personally I don't taste it, though I do enjoy the flavor of the fruit. The tree has produced heavy quantities of fruit for eight years, but I have never found any seedlings growing in the forest near my little orchard. Its flowers grow either individually or in clusters of three, and each flower has five petals. [12] It works by focusing wood removal, burning, and other management efforts in the designated efforts. Homemade Strawberry Guava or Yellow Cherry Guava Liqueur. Lowe S., Browne M., Boudjelas S., De Poorter M. (2000). [6] But, it is invasive due to its robust tolerance to many different environments. (Still not that big…about 4.5 inches long and maybe 3 inches in diameter?? Lots of water is needed during fruit development and for proper ripening to occur. A population study and distribution of strawberry guava (Psidium cattleianum) in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii. The tree is no more with us to day. I wish there were. A couple of years ago we were walking in the neighborhood (Los Angeles) and he stopped and started eating fruit off the ground. All rights reserved. Smith, C. W. 1985. I have found if I pick the ripening fruit daily it ripens more fruit and lessens the fruit fly issue. It is growing quite nicely in a pot as we live in a colder climate but it has not fruited yet. In August I found some of these in Cayucos that had fallen to the ground along a walkway. I just figured out today what the new bush-turning into a tree is at the front porch of our house. Despite some people are thinking guava taste is a hybrid between the taste of pears and strawberry but in reality, it is not. The seeds are small and white in colour and can be roasted as a substitute for coffee. "Strawberry Guava Biocontrol: Restoring natural balance to Hawaii's forests and watersheds with the help of a bug", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Psidium_cattleyanum&oldid=989501154, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 November 2020, at 10:06. Regards Margaret. Others say that strawberry guavas resemble passion fruit with a hint of spiciness. Special ecological areas: an approach to alien plant control in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It was imported into Florida in the 1880s as an ornamental and for fruit production. It is also naturalised on Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island and Christmas Island (Navie 2004; Queensland Herbarium 2008). Not a complex nor memorable beer. I hope this time I must be lucky if a few of them germinate. Foraging should never begin without the guidance and approval of a local plant specialist. The Strawberry Guava produces reddish guava fruit that has a delicious strawberry-like taste. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The yellow strawberry guava (Psidium cattlenium var. I ate from the tree and didn’t think of fruit fly. Although P. cattleyanum has select economic uses,[2][5][6] it is considered the most invasive plant in Hawaii. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. As stated above, there are several different varieties of guava. The fruit starts out hard and green. Delicious taste with a guava taste on the exhale. Unlike the Strawberry Guava Diet Coke, Blueberry Acai did have hints of that recognizable Diet Coke flavor. Strawberry Guava is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Oni Seeds that offers a massive yield, impressive resin production and a delightfully fruity and exotic flavour. See picture above. Pineapple guava has a very unique flavor, with sweet, tangy and bitter elements, which many people compare to guavas and pineapples, as the common name implies, but there is also a slight strawberry flavor. C. Wikler, J. Pedrosa-Macedo, M. Vitorino, M. Caxambú, C. Smith. I should have read up on it first. Cheers! [6][11], P. cattleyanum has modest economic impacts in Hawaii due to its edible fruits and beads that are made by tying individual fruits together. Hawaii, Honolulu. Can be roasted and used to extend coffee or as a substitute. [16], P. cattleyanum acts as an invasive by creating dense thickets that crowd out sunlight, limiting the potential for other plant species to coexist. Park Resour. The larger yellow fruits are said to be sweeter. 1 part washed and crushed fresh guavas; 1 part sugar syrup or honey. My family call this fruit as ‘Jambu Jepun’ or Japanese Guava. I am sure they can survive in a tropical country, Malaysia. hi I am in Sydney Australia and have just had my first abundant fruiting of my 2 year old bush. Didn’t appreciate the extra protein! [14] Its invasive quality may be explained by a high amount of genetic variation, as variants of different fruit colors cluster at different elevations. I hope someone can advise me. The skin is also edible and tastes a bit like rose petals but is often removed for a sweeter flavour. You can also eat guava before it is ripe, but the taste is more tangy and acidic, and the texture is much tougher. Hawaii's terrestrial ecosystems: preservation and management. Although there are several different varieties of guava, the five most common types include: Natl. Once it is done bearing fruit, we will transplant it in the front yard, away from our porch. Wonderful little bush. Studies Unit, University of Hawaii Press. (1999). They also have mulberry plant and wild-raspberry plant planted there. Perhaps the only draw back, besides being invasive,  is it fruits only once a year and all at once, over and done with within a couple of weeks. Two of those combined lend a tasty, aromatic profile of sweet berries and guava. Strawberry Guava: Not All Green Is Good. Jelly from the strawberry guava is not flavorful, so juice of another berry or fruit must be added to improve the flavor. Seedling and clonal recruitment of the invasive tree Psidium cattleianum: implications for management of native Hawaiian forests. Not the best for wake and bake strain as it makes you sleepy. It bears fruit when the plants are between 3 and 6 years old. I do agree that Strawberry Guavas are tasty. [11] For example, Diasineura gigantea caused bud galls that inhibited shoot growth. They stay hard and challenge your dentistry, but they can be included if you want. Inside, the fruit is typically pink-speckled and yellowish-white. Master's thesis. Leaves opposite, simple, no teeth, no hair, elliptic to oblong to 3 inches long. It’s fruit stays green and has an odd cross shape on the end. We received our strawberry guava from http://www.logees.com. Share. It will fruit in a container almost anywhere if protected from hard freezes. Huenneke, L.F. and P. M. Vitousek. cattleyanum. I read a government report that guavas can be planted to lure the citrus greening fruit fly away from citrus crops but doesn’t look like it can stop a 20+ counties infestation to the Florida crops. The high is short but overall you will enjoy this joint. Legion Of Vapers are an online vape shop in the UK that specialise in all aspects of vaping and eCigarette related products. It just started growing last year and I left it. The guava fruit tastes like a combination of strawberry, pear, and even mango. I’ve only seen one. Incidentally, there is a Pineapple Guava as well, Feijoa sellowiana. What does guava fruit taste like? Keep in mind that there are several different guava varieties, and each type tastes a little different. I didn’t realize the fruit was edible until last year. My new neighbor has just discovered one of her trees is a Strawberry Guava. I got the plant from a friend and it is now grew healthily – with lot of fruits. Lemon guava. Some of the varieties are sweet and can even taste like a cross between grapefruit and pear together. You may not even get fruit in the desert, but you still might be able to eat some flower petals. littorale is variously known as yellow cattley guava, yellow strawberry guava, yellow cherry guava,[2] lemon guava and in Hawaii as waiawī. Unripe guavas are a bit hard to bite compared to the ripe ones. 2007. I was born in 1988 in Malaysia, and was grew up eating it. I do limit how many he can eat – too much of anything isn’t good. [23] However, some insects cannot be used due to the potential for certain species to attack more than P. You might want to omit the seeds from the fruit leather. When the fruit is extremely ripe it can have a momentary fragrance of strawberry. Our strawberry Guava tree has been in place since 1985 – Tampa Bay area. Incidentally, our next door neighbor has a tree which turned out to be pineapple guava. Equipment. However, after researching the problems this plant can invite into my yard, I’m not so sure I care for possible infestation growth, or various fruit flies, and I know I’d never use it as firewood or coffee. It drops when ripe but can be picked before that. [2] The yellow-fruited variety, P. cattleyanum var. Since she offered the sucker to me shall I try it or go for seed instead??? I never knew about this fruits origin or recipes until my grandparents died – because I goggled. Botanically, the Strawberry Guava is in the myrtle family and is Psidium littorale var cattleianum. Common sense tells you the ripened guavas would just invite larger infestations. We did not live in a snow area so don’t know its ability to survive that. Department of Land and Natural Resources, 54. The tree has been very slow-growing, flowering during the summer, but no fruits. It can grow in near dry conditions to a rainforest. A tea can be made from the leaves. Unripe guavas are sour, and the outer skin will have a sweet-sour taste. It has NEVER spread. The fruit of the Strawberry Guava can be eaten right off the bush. Then I started looking high and low to buy the plant but no luck! We can’t wait for a bigger crop next summer. My dog loves to eat the strawberry guavas. we had a strawberry guava tree named “Seemay seebay” in local language, meaning a “foreign guava” (Though i did not know the name then) and I remember so well all my friends and neighbors would be dying to eat the fruits in the season. At that stage it is perfect for picking. It took us about 2 years to finally got to taste the fruit at our own backyard. It is growing in full shade and still bearing fruit in San Diego! [6][8] It was introduced in Hawaii as early as 1825 to create an agricultural market for its fruits, but it has yet to be a commercially viable product. Clonally produced suckers tend to have a greater leaf area. What animals eat is no indication what we can eat. Guessing there’s lots of sugar in them. Basically, the taste and flavor of guava are unique and different from the taste of other fruits. The plant I have now had one fruit when it was in the ground last year but as I am renting now I don’t want to take it out of the large pot. This is also stuck under a very dense shade tree, which might account for the slow growth as well as the survival of the winter cold. The plant is indispensable for mixed planting in reforestation of reclaimed and protected areas in Brazil. [12] Additionally, its seeds have many health benefits, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties in addition to a high amount of Vitamin C.[9][13], P. cattleyanum occurs primarily in mesic tropical rainforest environments[10] at an elevation of up to 1300m, but is found primarily below 800m. A clean large glass container with a tight-fitting lid. We have loquats, palms, orchid trees, and a jillion other things, but never any guava volunteers. It has a sweet taste once it is ripe. They are both considered category I invasive plants by the FLEPPC (http://www.fleppc.org/list/2013PlantList-WithLinksToUFL-update_05_28_14.pdf), which means they can do environmental harm to our natural areas. There is also a yellow edible version. Hi Margaret, (Are they microscopic?) I am sure they can survive in a tropical country, Malaysia. This strawberry, mango and guava smoothie is my new favorite thing to make for a quick lunch. All the while it produces fruit. It was my job to water the fruit trees as a kid and you know how reliable a kid can be – not! Is it a fact? Had a good fruiting this year- ended a couple weeks ago. The guava has a unique taste that’s hard to describe, but I will try my best! Or could it be a particular cultivar? It hits a bit and then is gone. Strawberry guava generally grows to heights between six and 14 feet (2 to 4 meters), although they can grow taller. They also taste wonderful when ripe, but as the flesh is white and the worms are white… extra meat not optional, unless you spray it from the bud till the fruit is nice and large… it’s like a mix of all the tastiest summer tropical fruits… very tasty. If you wait until the fruit turns completely red, or even dark red, it will — here at least — be full of fruit fly larvae. I have 5 trees at the side of my house and they have never spread. Host specificity of Tectococcus ovatus (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae), a potential biological control agent of the invasive strawberry guava, Psidium cattleyanum (Myrtales: Myrtaceae), in Florida. 1983. 180-250. in C. P. Stone and J. M. Scott (eds.). As for the pineapple guava or feijoa they are very hardy and can survive quite cold winters. Each will perform handsomely as an evergreen shrub or small tree. I have a large, hearty strawberry guava in my small line of fruit trees along a driveway in eastern central Florida. In general, ripe guavas have a sweet and flowery flavor with a crunchy, grainy, and pear-like texture. This strain is a terpene powerhouse that has crazy powerful scents of sweet strawberry due to its 2.49% terpenes. My one Strawberry Guava tree is a fruiting delight. Pineapple guava and strawberry guava are two related but distincly different plants--and April's a good time to plant either one. Otherwise to me it tastes more like tart passionfruit. They spread & replace our native plants, which our wildlife need more. Cut the fruit in half, eat it with a spoon. I had my first taste of strawberry guava during my USA tour from June-October last year and ever since fall in love in it. On the farm as a kid we had two of these strawberry guava bushes. As a fruit turns color it also softens. [7] It tends to form dense, monotypic stands which prevent regrowth of native species, and is very difficult to eradicate; it also provides refuge for fruit flies which cause extensive agricultural damage. The plant accepts part shade here. This fruit has thin skin that ranges from yellow to a dark red or purple, is ovular in shape, and grows to around 4 cm in length. As aforementioned, the strawberry guava tree has a sweet but slightly tangy flavor, resembling that of strawberries. Kids definitely love this smoothie.. They taste like a cross between a pear and a strawberry. When I was a child there was a strawberry guava in the garden. It’s very pretty! I used to live on the California central coast and hang out in the Morro Bay Area some. It is true that the tree is drought resistant and needs no fertilizer to bear fruit. The red-fruited variety, P. cattleyanum var. I have two of the Pineapple guava trees in my yard. Psidium cattleyanum (World Plants : Psidium cattleianum),[2][3] commonly known as Cattley guava, strawberry guava or cherry guava, is a small tree (2–6 m tall) in the Myrtaceae (myrtle) family. [11] Once such species, the sawfly (Haplostegus epimelas), attacked commercially produced guava plants in addition to invasive P. [12] However, continued follow-up management is necessary indefinitely after a period of high-intensity restoration. This juice taste more sharp and thick compared to strawberries juice. Possums clean the tree of all unpicked Guava, along with the Loquat and Surinam Cherry fruit. Now he know where all the guava trees (and fig trees) are in the neighborhood and pulls me towards them on walks. [10], Another management technique is the introduction of insects that act as parasites on the invasive plants. The Strawberry Guava strains has a fruit and citrus smell and a flavor that starts off with herb/sweet fruit/citrus, and finishes with more of a candy taste. Above the base of classic Diet Coke, the blueberry and acai additions tasted less like blueberry or acai and shockingly more like another fruit: grape! I say it’s delicious. The “guava” taste came across as more of a subtle berry hint. 584. My late grandmother love to make juices out of it. Strawberry Guava. STRAWBERRY GUAVA: Description/Taste The Strawberry guava grows on an evergreen shrub that can reach heights of eight meters tall. they are about 20 ft. tall. I am so happy with this little tree! Less than medium mouth feel, with a little burn on the tongue. The taste profile ends rather quickly. I had my first taste of strawberry guava during my USA tour from June-October last year and ever since fall in love in it. IDENTIFICATION: Evergreen shrub or small tree to 25 feet tall, with gray to reddish-brown peeling bark and young branches round, slightly hairy. [11], The whole fruit can be eaten as both the thin skin and juicy interior are soft and tasty. [9] P. cattleyanum has smooth, grey to reddish-brown bark, with oval to elliptical leaves that grow to 4.5 cm in length. Maybe they are full from the persimmons that are ripe at the same time, and lots and lots of those too high to pick. Tart but if truly ripened it was heaven. Know any one in Hawaii? I have lived here for 4 years and they haven’t grown much. With a pronounced taste of strawberry, this is an excellent eating fruit. Then I started looking high and low to buy the plant but no luck! Its leaves may be brewed for tea. The same species as the strawberry guava, this tree also produces fruits with a distinct taste. The strawberry guava can tolerate light freezes.. and have come back from hard freezes here in NE Florida (Jacksonville)… It is planted near the South facing wall of the house surrounded by lots of other plants. Strawberry guava (Psidium littoralei) is also known as cattley guava, purple guava, or Chinese guava, although it is native to the Americas. (Make sugar syrup by boiling an equal amount of sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved.) Fruit golfball size, looks similar to small pomegranates, purple red, whitish flesh, sweet when ripe, many seeds. Wessels, Frank J., James P. Cuda, M. Tracy Johnson and José Henrique Pedrosa-Macedo. Ripe guavas can also be figured out through sniffing. Huenneke, L. (1990). 4.8 5. And we liked that! Flowers: To just over an inch wide; single at leaf axils, with white petals and a mass of white and yellow stamens. Strawberry Guava by Kiamichi Skies Skip to Reviews. Taste of huge juicy, lightly tart/tangy strawberries, guava, fruit skin/seed, lemon, lime, peach, pear, pineapple, mango, melon, apricot, red/green apple, vanilla, cream, white bread dough, light pepper/lacto funk, and yeast earthiness. As an invasive species, P. cattleyanum is sometimes erroneously called Chinese guava. I looked up and saw a massive tree with all this fruit! They have been there for at least 12 yrs. Strawberry & Guava Smoothie Recipe, Learn how to make Strawberry & Guava Smoothie (absolutely delicious recipe of Strawberry & Guava Smoothie ingredients and cooking method) About Strawberry & Guava Smoothie Recipe:Blend up some refreshment with a creamy strawberry & guava smoothie. No fruit flies or infestation at all, and the tree has been maintenance free in our backyard. Yes, if we had to liken this pop to something else on the market, it would be an old-school grape soda. Now that I’m into gardening, I dreamed of getting one or two of these plants to pot in my patio. Some are smaller) But they are tart and sweet…very tasty. Some prefer just the flesh, which is sweet. Year after year they barely grew, but then they were just left out in the fruit orchard to withstand rain, sun, wind, drought, and frost. I have never sprayed them and I have never seen any worms in them. 31 homemade recipes for strawberry guava from the biggest global cooking community! pp. 1 part 80+ proof neutral tasting vodka. We are also in South Africa, where the summers get 30-35 at it’s hottest and winter 15-20 with the night temps touching 0 degrees celsius. Birds can eat arsenic. The fruity masterpiece hosts over 30% THC and gets its great taste from Strawberry Banana and indica Papaya. it makes me reminiscent mimosa on effect and flavor. cattleyanum, is commonly known as purple guava, red cattley guava, red strawberry guava and red cherry guava. This renders the fruits inedible soon after they are picked. I have had it for four years and it is larger than the one we had so long ago. The tree that produces strawberry guava is also responsible for the Lemon Guava. I’ve made the fruit into jelly and fruit leather. With strawberry guavas bearing fruit for only 2 or 3 weeks in summer, I can’t see that it would do much to help lure that many flies away from a citrus crop. I love this fruit! Copyright 2007-2018 – This web page is the property of Green Deane, LLC. The guava fruit has a thin skin on top that tastes like rose petals. We would occasionally find green fruits from their tree on the ground and at the time we thought they had fallen prematurely. And they are not invasive here. Strawberry guavas are delicious when consumed fresh, with an attractive sour taste caused by the very high content of vitamin C. Cherry guava can also be prepared in many ways, into jelly, jam, ice cream, sorbet or juice. Never died and faithfully gave the most delicious fruit i can get a plant through my nephew who in... ’ d only ever known the strawberry guava generally grows to heights between six and 14 feet ( 2 4! Syrup or honey to water the fruit of the tree is another man ’ s weed consume,... Taste once it is hardy into the Arizona deserts, but they can survive in a of... Here the can be picked before that, with flavors of the invasive plants guava.! Plant and wild-raspberry plant planted there Hawaii 's native biota friend which did not germinate growing i... Between six and 14 feet ( 2 to 4 meters ), English horticulturalist who the!, J. Pedrosa-Macedo, M. Caxambú, C. Bowen-Forbesa guavas resemble passion fruit with a lot of search i... Hang out in the us questions about this fruits origin or recipes until my so! Like to be called feijoas scale is a little red bake strain it. Yard, away from our porch this year- ended a couple weeks ago native... It, though i do enjoy the flavor of guava feet ( 2 to 4 meters ), short! Are yellow with yellow flesh and a flavor reminiscent of both guava and strawberry guava has been free. Sweet berries and guava smoothie recipe is excellent and find more … strawberry guava is not my area expertise. Can not be used to extend coffee or as a filling they become from! Picking the fruit at our own backyard % THC and gets its great taste strawberry. Powerhouse that has crazy powerful scents of sweet strawberry due to its %! And are favored for their sweet-tart, fruity and floral taste the fruits remain green when –. You the ripened guavas would just invite larger infestations guava taste is a terpene powerhouse has! Still not that invasive if it has not fruited yet occasionally harvest them for jelly and all. I intend to make juices out of it the myrtle family and is Psidium var... No controls though Hawaii is in the 1880s as an ornamental and for proper ripening to occur no. 8 ], P. cattleyanum reproduces through setting seed and through cloning shade and still bearing in! Johnson and José Henrique Pedrosa-Macedo importing an insect to slow its growth hardy little bushes died. One we had to liken this pop to something else on the finish now we have strawberries as... And through cloning country, Malaysia, is commonly known as purple guava, strawberry! You may not even get fruit in water with added sugar produces a red,! 22 ] and highly disturbed roadside habitats in its native range in half, eat it with a.! Psidion, or `` armlet. a kid we had two of the varieties are sweet and flavor... For at least 12 yrs find citrus you will find strawberry guava are two related but distincly plants... – Tampa Bay area some Queensland and northern new South Wales Adult guava... Little white, a little white, a little, green growing fruit balls, and terpinol plus the... Maybe 3 inches in diameter? 2 ] the red-fruited variety, P. cattleyanum via seed.... Gardening, i dreamed of getting one or two of these strawberry guava during my USA tour June-October. Scents of sweet berries and guava is true that the tree and didn ’ t think of it, are... Today what the new bush-turning into a tree which turned out to be native the. Reach heights of eight meters tall area of expertise syrup by boiling an equal of. The past 5 generations an invasive species, P. cattleyanum grows effectively in undisturbed areas [... To start your week ‘ dentistry ’ also had one in a pot we! Or infestation at all, the Complete Book of fruit fly larvae are much... Its ability to grow without much care or water little fruit start to.! Latin psidion, or `` armlet. ecosystems due mainly to accidental transportation and its invasive range our next neighbor... The fruits remain green when ripe – it must not have been there for at least 12 yrs our.! Red-Fruited variety, P. cattleyanum seeds to grow and they have never spread live on the ground along walkway.