Reply. Bass: lowest male voice type with a vocal range of E2-E4; Baritone: 2nd lowest male voice type with a vocal range of A2-A4; Tenor: 2nd highest male voice type with a vocal range of C3-C5; Countertenor: highest male voice type with a vocal range of E3-E5; Contralto: lowest female voice type with a vocal range of E3-E5; Alto: 2nd lowest female voice type … 0 Likes SUGGESTED POSTS. Sometimes people with strained vocal cords have voices that suddenly cut out on particular notes. Everyone's tags (5): 60s. Laryngitis is an inflammation of your voice box (larynx) from overuse, irritation or infection. You've likely had days when your voice sounds excessively husky, raspy or weak. You may have even lost your voice for a short time. Will taking a break from singing for a while help? Pop Rock. after several years of sports which requires yelling, my singing voice has become a bit husky and airy. Singers who use their voice often may need a quick fix to get them through hoarseness before they can rest their vocal cords to recover. Thursday, January 07, 2021. Severe painful sore throat accompanied by redness, swelling and fever should be tended by a doctor, but many cases of mild sore throat and hoarseness can be soothed with natural home remedies. Sounding low, rough, hoarse or experiencing reduced range & vocal fatigue are signs of hypothyroidism 2%–98% of patients with hypothyroidism suffer from these voice changes Inside the larynx are your vocal cords — two folds of mucous membrane covering muscle and cartilage. Is there any way it could go back to a smooth quality permanently? Singing lessons can prevent many of these problems by teaching you how to avoid vocal cord strain. The 8 Singing Voice Types. Reply. 90s. 80s. Deep, husky male voices and high-pitched but breathy female voices were judged to be more attractive than all other voices, a new study has revealed. 80s. Pop Rock. 70s. 90s. Everyone's tags (5): 60s. husky singing voice? Another way to get a hoarse voice is to sing in a higher key than normal since this will cause irritation to your vocal cords. If you want to develop a husky voice without irritating your throat, try to speak in a gravelly tone, also known as "vocal fry," to create a low, husky, sound. In Our Headphones: May 2017 65 Replies Last update: 2020-11-09 Log In Spotify. The strained, raspy, husky, rough or breathy quality of voice simply indicates structural changes on the vocal folds or larynx. I heard that honey and tea is good, but I think its only temporary. Our system collect crossword clues from most populer crossword, cryptic puzzle, quick/small crossword that found in Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, … 0 Likes SUGGESTED POSTS. 70s. In Our Headphones: May 2017 67 Replies Last update: 2020-11-20 Log In Spotify. The system found 25 answers for husky of voice crossword clue. If your vocal folds are thick or swollen, they cannot function properly and your voice will sound hoarse, rough and deep. A collection of singers with beautiful husky voices. A collection of singers with beautiful husky voices. You might get hoarse or have trouble singing notes with consistency.