[7][16] The album begins with "Everything is You", which expresses a consuming "uncertainty" when one "[questions their] independence within a relationship. Empress Of is the solo musical project of Los Angeles-based, American singer-songwriter, Lorely Rodriguez. "[2][15] After leaving Mexico in early-2014, Rodriguez spent the next nine months fleshing out the ideas she developed, working between Montreal, New York and Los Angeles. Me is the debut studio album by American singer and songwriter Lorely Rodriguez, known professionally as Empress Of. I'm Your Empress Of continues in kind across pulsing beats, Latin rhythms, and unrepressed physical yearning all the way through the final two tracks, "Hold Me Like Water" and "Awful," which wind down tempos without stifling the album's persistent effervescence. Empress Of, Category: Artist, Albums: I'm Your Empress Of, Us, Me, Singles: Ta Que Tiembla (Buscabulla x Empress Of [Empress Of Remix]), Broken, You've Got To Feel, Note To Self, Call Me (Gaika Remix), Top Tracks: Wild Girl - Paul Woolford Remix, Wild Girl, Why Don’t You Come On (ft. Khalid and Empress Of), Note To Self, When I'm With Him, Biography: Under the name Empress … Work on the album continued for a further two years, culminating in a direct approach to her lyri… It was really nice but I realized how hard it is to connect with haze. The resulting product amalgamates electronic music and alternative R&B in a minimalist and experimental style. From the sharp synth stabs of “Bit Of Rain” to the distorted reflections of album closer “Awful”, all led by Rodriguez’s fantastic vocals, I’m Your Empress Of is a funky, generous and vibrant record. She sent potential titles to her manager, emailed as subject lines which were met with dismissal. Should’ve 07. U Give It Up 06. The bonus tracks would include "Woman Is a Word", a Spanish version of "Water Water" entitled "Agua Agua", and exclusive new remixes. Complete your purchase of the CD album to save the MP3 version to your Music Library. But it's like, where's the 'me' in that? Rated #938 in the best albums of … Learn about Author Central. It was fucking hard. Void 04. EMPRESS OF @empressof facebook.com/empressof soundcloud.com/empressof Empress Of: This song houses my favorite lyric on the album: “I need some help, I need help/I need myself, I need myself.” Which is similar to something I wrote on my first album… The album as a whole adopts a less personal tone than her prior albums while keeping things intimate, including the anthemic house entry "Love Is a Drug," which emphasizes "I know love is a drug/I know money is a drug/I know sex can be a drug, but I just want to be touched." Lorely Rodriguez’s debut album as Empress Of was a bold foray into the modern pop sphere. [8][15] "Need Myself" was the first song to be written on the retreat, sang over a beat made minutes before, "almost like a meditation" in trying to deal with her solitude. [1], On March 14, 2016, Empress Of released a new single titled "Woman Is a Word". I love howl's moving castle the most. But then there are moments of 'I know what it means to work for what you want from almost nothing. Neon Gold/Atlantic recording artist MARINA has announced today’s premiere of “Man’s World Empress Of Remix (Feat. Repeat track. Lorely Rodriguez released her third album as Empress Of, I’m Your Empress Of, in March of this year.Today, she’s back with a new track … The song is lyrically about picking apart an "old toxic relationship with an unresponsive partner". Empress Of is the solo project of New York based singer-songwriter Lorely Rodriguez. Pabllo Vittar),” available now at all DSPs and streaming services HERE.The track unites MARINA with a pair of truly remarkable collaborators in acclaimed singer-songwriter-producer Empress Of and award-winning Brazilian drag queen superstar … All Popular tracks Tracks Albums Playlists Reposts Station Follow Share. [4] "Standard" further interrogates the implications of privilege and class divide, recounting the poverty she witnessed in Mexico: "I would pass families on the side of the road selling firewood for pennies when a couple of weeks ago I was in N.Y. buying $4 coffee. The album was announced on July 20, 2015, upon the release of the second single "Kitty Kat". [9], Rodriguez credits "driving [herself] crazy" as making the album's production possible. Her first 7" single, "Champagne" was released soon after on November 5, 2012… read more I just wanted to do it—no bullshitting. [...] He sang into it, like, his spit is on it. Bandsintown Plus presents Empress Of, the project of Honduran-American vocalist and songwriter Lorely Rodriguez. music / … I wasn't wearing makeup. Working alone, no one is telling you what's good enough or what's finished. . "[17] It was inspired by Björk's Debut (1993), which Rodriguez calls "brilliant" as she was fond of titles that "mark the beginning of something". It was released on September 11, 2015, by XL Recordings and Terrible Records. I’m Your Empress Of 02. Rodriguez embarked on the Me & You Tour in late 2015 with Abra in support of the album. Empress Of’s scattered previous album, 2018’s Us, took two and a half years and a cast of collaborators to make. Us is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter and producer Empress Of, released on October 19, 2018 via XL Recordings and Terrible Records.