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Jo, different strokes for different folks. 3T says the size 42cm Aeronova should be 220 grams, a 40 gram increase over the Ergonova. additional hand position between the hoods and tops due to its longer profile, looks very neat due to the internal routing, aluminum material means this won’t easily break if you crash, around 50% heavier than regular drops, listed at 390 grams for the 42cm bar vs ergonova at 265 grams, difficult to install due to the internal routing, can make brakes stiffer than normal due to the bends in the routing, may require changing your stem as the reach is longer than ordinary drops, limits options for clip on aero bars due to the limited round tube area on the tops. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Change ), The definitive list of shoes every man should own, Why I use mtb clipless pedals on my roadie. Is there anyone here who was able to install it with less effort and what technique to use? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We love that there's a focus on saving every watt, but we're not ashamed to admit that we're equally as excited about the LTD Stealth's muted aesthetics. The untapped surface wasn’t nearly as grippy as the tapped areas, which is to be expected, but if you are riding with gloves that don’t offer much in grip, they could be pretty slippery. One of carbon fiber's most significant advantages, and one that receives less attention than it should, is its ability to be shaped into near-infinite forms. De top heeft een innovatieve ‘aerofoil’ vorm, een platte bovenkant voor de minste weerstand, toegestaan door de UCI. For those unfamiliar with the 3T dropbars, this is the aluminum version of their aeronova series. De 3T Aeronova Team Stealth maakt elke racefiets een beetje sneller en vooral veel mooier. 3T started life as a master dropbar manufacturer. Go Slow Faster is 3T’s mantra for their award-winning Exploro gravel frameset, and the Italian brand’s Aeronova Team Stealth carbon handlebar turns out to be a fine compliment to the bike. 3T Aeronova Team Carbon Handlebar Ranks number 17 of 170 in the Bike Handlebars category at Evans Cycles in this review. The bars are also offered in their budget aluminum Pro level in black and white, mid-level carbon Team with red accents, and top level high-mod carbon LTD and LTD Stealth with light gray or black accents respectively. Read all 3T Aeronova LTD Carbon Handlebars reviews here: Read Full Review. With that being said, it took only a few additional minutes to run the wires without Park Tool’s IR-1 internal cable routing tool. Speaking of the hoods, depending on the tape you are using, you might want to throw a strip of gel padding over the cables and back to where they enter the bar. Visually, you will notice the bolt placement on the face plate and the steerer clamp to be the main differences. The GPS data will come from your phone through a Bluetooth 4.0 connection between 3T’s app and the Eye unit. Am I happy with it? In terms of drag, weight, and looks, 3T's Aeronova LTD Stealth Handlebar excels in every category. The 110 mm ARX II stem on the other hand, weighed in at 125 grams, which is the claimed weight for the 100mm size. Wiggle | 3T Aeronova Team Carbon Handlebars | Drop Handlebars These cookies do not store any personal information. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The included mount replaces the face plate on the ARX II, but also fits a Barfly 2.0. The Aeronova and Aerotundo bars combine a similar shape drop used Tornova/Ergonova and Rotundo/Ergotundo, with a flat, airfoil top section, providing superior aerodynamics and a wide, flat position for your hands while climbing. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Buying new Cycling products, whether online or in-store takes a lot of research, finding the right product, at the right price, from the best retailer and one that delivers the best features and from a reputable brand. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Adidas The Road Cycling Shoe Review – Take My Money Now! This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 3T Aeronova Team Stealth Dropbars – $350.00, 3T ARX II Team Stem – $100.00 iridebikessometimes 8 min 35 sec ago . Review: 3T Aeronova Team bars I have wanted a set of these bars ever since they were released. One of the first things I noticed about the bar when installing was the additional length from the tops to the hoods. 3T Aeronova Team Stealth Road Carbon Handlebar - 40cm Customer Review. The silver accents on the normal Aeronova LTD may not be as flashy as the red Team issue kit ridden by the BMC Racing Team, but the Stealth model takes the murdered-out matte look to extreme levels. It provides a second hand hold just behind the hoods to help change things up. ( Log Out /  De 3T Aeronova Pro is een compact racestuur met een aerodynamische vorm. On the drops, I found a little bit of flex when pulling on them hard in a sprint, or blasting over some rough roads. On a rather plain Cannondale CAAD10 Black Inc, the Aeronova instantly drew everyone’s attention. They are aero, which may or may not be relevant and are also light and a little bit flexible, both of which are characteristics I was looking for. longer than usual reach adds another grip option, with an outfront cyclocomp mount, there’s little space left for clip on aero bars. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 3T 2033101BAAN41W Aeronova Team Stealth Handlebar, 42cm at To make installation a little easier, the bar ships with cable sheaths running from the top of the drops to the center of the bar internally to help with routing your brake and shifter cables. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. At 104mm vs 77mm on the Ergonova, the Aeronova is nearly 30 mm longer. Interested in providing a review for the 3T Aeronova Team Stealth Road Carbon Handlebar - 40cm? Eventual users of SRAM’s wireless electronic groupset will install without a hitch, but if you are using a wired electronic set up, make sure you run the wiring before you mount the bar on the bike so you can spin them around as you are trying to guide them through. Meer snelheid en minder energie verspilling. When designing the Aeronova Team Stealth Handlebar, 3T took the Ergonova's reliable carbon construction and slightly flattened top section and pushed it to the very limits of UCI compliance. Fill up the details below and submit to us. De reach van dit stuur is lang, de remhendels zitten daardoor verder weg dan gemiddeld, waardoor je betrekkelijk ver naar voren moet zitten om bij je remhendels te komen. They match my colour scheme, are a nice raw carbon where not painted just like my TimeMachine TMR02. More on this when we get to the riding impressions. 3T Aeronova Team Dropbars – $325.00 Up front, the ARX II puts both sets of top and bottom face plate bolts together in the center, instead of the four corners. more complex) shapes. More subtly, it has a little more of a flattened shape on the sides when compared to the round ARX. Up on the hoods, the flex was a little less noticeable, and undetectable when holding on to the tops. The Stealth color way is subtle, with the typically red accents changed to black. When weighed, I was happy to see 3T was a little generous, as my sample came in at 218 grams. The 3T Aerotundo Team is a good carbon fibre handlebar that combines round drops with aero-section tops, but be careful with the sizing to make sure you get the right fit for you. At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d be keeping them on after the review, but with the long term testing completed, I think the Aeronova and ARX II combo will be staying on for a while longer. Straight away, the construction and finish of the Aeronova Team Stealth was typical 3T. Unfortunately, they are not part of 3T’s custom colors…yet (hopefully). From the looks of it, the included mount could also work for a Garmin computer with a quarter turn mount. Any ANT+ data from a HR monitor, power meter, or speed/cadence unit will go directly to the Eye. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Onlangs heb ik een 3T Aeronova stuur gekocht en laten monteren door de fm. 3T Aeronova LTD Stealth isn’t rubbish, it actually scored very highly. The Aeronova features the same sturdy carbon construction and flattened top as the Ergonova, only 3T has pushed it to the limits of UCI compliance. 3T Cycling makes the world's finest and lightest equipment for every kind of bike racing: ultimate performance for everyone who loves to ride.