It remains a classic. I feel that ‘me neither’ is a denial in wonderment of the feelings. Serge Gainsbourg Jane Birkin je t'aime moi non plus lyrics IN ENGLISH.. Yes it is a beautiful song in its own way! The rawness of song is beautiful. It’s as if Gainsbourg is saying “this union of lovers is as pure as this church music.” Perhaps that was in part why the Vatican was so angry? When this song was first released it was denounced by the Vatican and banned in the U.S. for its simulated orgasm sounds. The eroticism was declared offensive. In addiction, I actually talked with a native French speaker about this song at some point and he said it wasn't even correct syntax. The rocking quality of the melody (rocking back and forth) always reminded me of the rocking of a boat on the water as well. 2019. Even at my age of nearly 73 , I fall in love with my husband every time I hear it! Anglaise qui a fait Je t'aime moi non plus dans les années 60". Thank you for the analysis. Translation of 'Je t'aime… Moi non plus' by Serge Gainsbourg from French to English Deutsch English Español Français Hungarian Italiano Nederlands Polski Português (Brasil) Română Svenska Türkçe Ελληνικά Български Русский Српски العربية فارسی 日本語 한국어 I think Serge is talking about a guy (maybe himself) who always has to leave after making love, who is afraid to say I love you because it implies a commitment.   😉 Translating it was my great pleasure. So you can see quite clearly that Serge is talking about holding himself back in a physical sense. I have actually started on that song, but it’s sort of fallen by the wayside. At first glance, the vocabulary is very simple. There is both a juxtaposition of the “pure” church organ sounds and Jane’s erotic heavy breathing, and a conflation of these two sounds. 🙂 I still love to listen to it, but I only discovered it a few years ago (shortly before I posted this translation). I have not heard this song since then. Originally recorded with Brigitte Bardot, it was released with his future girlfriend Birkin when Bardot backed out. Dan, I like the idea behind your blog so much I’m thinking of doing the same thing now and then on my own blog. But let’s dig into some of the more metaphorical phrases. . According to the sound engineer involved in the recording, Bardot and Gainsbourg engaged in a lot of “heavy petting” during the recording. Looks like people are still discovering your analysis years later. After listening to “Je t’aime… moi non plus”, Bardot headed to a recording studio in Paris with Gainsbourg to record it. My French is very rusty, but doesn't "non plus" mean "not anymore"/"not any longer", rather than "neither"? I would like to add one thought to “moi non plus”. Thanks so much for commenting – I’m glad that you enjoyed my analysis! Where the only one that could ever feel this way. The song has been covered by many, many artists. So maybe the “me neither” was both a refusal to admit love but also a desire to make it last longer. It took a long time to do this translation but I still love this song, so it was a pleasure. Which led me to His singing is very influenced by Gauloise! Lyrics to 'Je t'aime moi non plus (#JTMNP)' by Hayce Lemsi. 🙂, Hello Darby and all. Both things are natural, both have their own rhythm, and according to Serge Gainsbourg, both deserve to be celebrated! Se retenir de rire = holding back laughter). And you’re right, it’s very beachy too! good as it played. Me neither.” ? Picasso is a genius, me too. Yes this is a wonderful song isn’t it? French lyrics, the best English translation and analysis of the song’s popularity and controversy after the jump. In this case it seems to be saying that this love making is “without a result/outcome” in the sense that they aren’t trying to have a child, this is simply making love for its own sake. The Vatican denounced the song and Gainsbourg called the Pope “our greatest PR man.” Indeed, the record was an international hit despite being banned from U.S. radio (in the U.S. the record still managed to peak at 58 on the U.S. French Lyrics Translations WordPress Theme by Darby. Vas-y, j'regrette, rappelle ! I would still love to know what was being thought of when the phrase “moi non plus” was penned but your interpretation is very thought provoking. Any insight on how to get around this so that I am able to follow your blog? Even though millions of copies of Je T’aime ... Moi Non Plus were sold around the world, the song was still considered too explicit for radio play. The motion of there body’s in-sink The pacing of certain lines, like “Et je… me re… tiens” reminds me of the in and out/rocking motion. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Gainsbourg filmed the movie “Slogan” in 1968 where he became infatuated with his co-star, the young English actress Jane Birkin. Finally, you held me to understand what it all means in English. Years before no one told me I wish I knew. Copyright © 2021 French Lyrics Translations. That the "je t'aime... moi non plus… Serge Gainsbourg lyrics with translations: Je t'aime… Moi non plus, La Javanaise (English version), La chanson de Prévert, La Javanaise, Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais When Gainsbourg sings about “holding himself back” until his partner tells him “Now! Translation of 'Je t'aime… Moi non plus' by Serge Gainsbourg from French to Hungarian (Version #2) When he reciprocates her feelings, they both fail to notice the growing jealousy of Krassky’s boyfriend, Padovan. The reasons: 1. 11 Jan. 2021. The French love song "Je T'aime… Moi Non Plus" ("I Love You… Me Neither") features Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg passionately narrating their lovemaking session, which climaxes with Birkin's moans of ecstasy. He is saying that a woman’s pleasure if a beautiful thing to be celebrated in and of itself. I cried at the memories of love felt and lost and of that which I let go. when, on occasion, I heard this beautiful song, I would feel Je t’aime. Serge Gainsbourg, born Lucien Ginsburg (French pronunciation: ​[sɛʁʒ ɡɛ̃sbuʁ]; 2 April 1928 – 2 March 1991) was a French singer, songwriter, poet, composer, artist, actor and director. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Je t'aime je t'aime, oui je t'aime / Moi non plus / Oh mon amour / Comme la vague irrésolue / Je vais, je vais et je viens / Entre tes reins / Je vais et je viens entre tes reins He did, after all, write it when Brigitte Bardot asked him to write “the most beautiful love song.” Gainsbourg described the music as being “very pure,” and indeed the organ sounds almost like a church organ. It has been hailed (and derided) as the most erotic song of all time. Well it is based on a comment made by Salvador Dali, who was comparing himself to Picasso. Whatever it is true (what she is feeling), it seems he doesn’t feel she loves him (or doesn’t believe in love in General). I remember my fascination of years ago ( I’m 83 in November). I think it’s definitely a song open to interpretations, and the human body as a “force of nature” like the waves is definitely a theme that I pick up here. It literally translates to "me no more" and its register is normal. Many European radio stations banned it from being played before 11pm – mostly because of the song’s culmination in a simulated female orgasm (one wonder’s if everyone would have been equally scandalized by male orgasm sounds – I suspect not). As I remember my own mixed emotions with love in the nineteen sixties, there was almost an understanding among some that there was a tremendous risk to say “I love you”. I really do not imagine the majority of songs recorded have a deep meaning but are ‘of the minute’.Nothing wrong there and Jane Birkin has many good songs to her credit. This is an interesting (and I’m sure deliberate) word choice: in this context “nue” means “deserted” or “barren.” In English we would say “a desert island” to connote an island with nothing on it. Thank you for the suggestion. The blog information makes it so much more special and well… interesting to know that it was controversial in its time. I’m inclined to think something along the lines of #2… that he thinks she is just saying “I love you” in the heat of the moment and that she doesn’t really love him. As I mentioned above, he could be saying that he is holding himself back, and so the physical sensation is like a wave the doesn’t crest. WE are music: 64 HZ (Ephrin Toro). Required fields are marked *. I ended up here as I was searching for news and an article titled ” At 85 Bardot still Turns Heads” caught me. I am sure the instrumental was on the soundtrack of some famous film, I just can’t for the life of me remember. Apparently, the recording was played once on Europe 1 radio, and Bardot’s husband immediately threatened to sue (presumably Gainsbourg). Did Serge ever analyse the song or did it just rhyme ans sound right? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Jane: Je t'aime, je t'aime: Jane: I love you, I love you: Oh oui, je t'aime: Oh yes, I love you: Serge: Moi non plus: Serge: Me neither: Jane: Oh mon amour: Jane: Oh my love: Tu est la vague: You are the wave: Moi, l'île nue: I'm a desert island: Tu vas, tu vas et tu viens: You go, you come and you go: Entre mes reins: Inside of me: Tu vas et tu viens: You come and you go Very Insightful details! Oué c'est Islem là, rappelle ! Se retenir often refers to someone purposely suppressing a natural instinct (e.g. I was too young to know anything about those things at the time of the release of this song but the deep chords the song strikes in me, the beauty of the music, the simplicity and poetry of the words – one of the great unsung songs in music. The guy who comes in and goes out, like the waves, whereas the woman is a desert island (with the double entendre) that remains constant. Picasso is a communist, me neither.”, It’s also possible that the male speaker (Gainsbourg) realizes that a woman gasping “I love you” during sex, doesn’t necessarily mean that she loves you. I believe this song cemented French men’s reputation as excellent lovers, and it remains one of most famous French songs of all time. Tu rends ouf, là, rappelle ! Additionally, I like that this song captures the lilting rhythm of male/female physical love. What a lovely write-up and analysis – thank you. By 1986 the song had sold 4 million copies. Kodos!! …. 😛 Thank you for commenting. Test your MusicIQ here! In 1969, Gainsbourg recorded the best known version with Jane Birkin. In 1976, Gainsbourg directed Birkin in an erotic film of the same name. So I think it’s appropriate that this is the version of the song that has had enduring popularity, and I also really love the idea that Serge asked Jane to sing it an octave higher so that the song would sound different than Brigitte’s version. You could probably include this in a PhD thesis on love songs. This song stumped me a bit when I was translating it; I had to read some interviews with Serge to really get a handle on it. In late 1967 Bridgitte Bardot was enduring a difficult period in her marriage when Serge Gainsbourg became infatuated with her. I’m so glad the song brought you joy. As a song which evokes the passion of the act of love it remains a unique masterpiece. Think you know music? I can’t define much of what is said about it but words cannot describe music. 🙂. Colette. I am glad I did and glad I found your article. Even though I’m much too young to have lived through the late 60’s early 70’s, I still found myself listening to this song on repeat while I did the translation. Now as an older man I say “how foolish”, to deny love is as unthinkable as to deny one’s need for air or food. 🙂 I like that song too. The first time I heard it, I listened to it over and over again because I feel its quite unique. The Observer Monthly Music magazine called it "the pop equivalent of an Emmanuelle movie". “issue” can mean a variety of things: result, outcome, etc. The simple lyrics simply can’t be appreciated without listening to the track – so please give the song a listen before you read the lyrics and translation below. je me retiens (se retenir): I hold myself back (resist)., Hi Alan – Very interesting! Picasso est un génie, moi aussi. The original pick up of this expression (Dali), clearly wanted to mean it is not true what the other say. Regarded as one of the most important figures in French popular music, he was renowned for his often provocative and scandalous releases, as well as his diverse artistic output, which embodied genres ranging from jazz, chanson, pop and yé-yé, to reggae, funk, rock, electronic and disco music. Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! With the waves.
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