That's what I heard with the Anthem STR in my rig and that is exciting at the $3,995 price range. The meters can be set to accurately show power into 8, 4 or 2-ohm loads as well as displaying current operating temperatures for each channel. Setting this option to “Yes” allows the amp to automatically turn on whenever a signal is detected. I don't see that the NAD M12 has any kind of room correction, however. The second harmonic at 40 kHz is about 86 dB below 4 VRMS. We see an identical response up to 60 kHz where a very gentle roll off just begins to start. It's a great time to upgrade your home theater system with the largest selection at The muted trumpet solo is particularly rich with character and detail. His sax playing came across more detailed with a leaner sounding tone than what I previously heard on the Getz/ Gilberto album, but still with plenty of dimensionality and body to the sound. Vol.12 – December 2020, The Smallcombe Home Theater II – Part 3, “The Future of Audio Shows” Cartoon by Carlo Lo Raso, Setting Up a Bryston BDA-3.14 Streaming DAC and Qobuz Streaming Service – A How-to Series, Part 2, Setting Up an AURALiC ARIES G1 Streamer and Qobuz Streaming Service – A How-to Series, Part 1, DCI-P3 Color – What It Means in Today’s Ultra HD World, AVR-Audio Video Reciever-Build Quality: Part V. Does Your Projector Display Accurate Color, and Why Is That Important? I hope Anthem comes up with multi-channel versions of the STR Power Amplifier sometime soon. We repeat the same frequency response sweep but now with the incoming signal converted from analog to digital by the STR. 7: December 2020, A COLLECTION OF NEW VINYL FOR THE AUDIOPHILE: DECEMBER 2020, What We’re Listening To. Wynton Marsalis' album Marsalis Standard Time (RCA) was my litmus test. Scan-Speak 32W/4878T Revelator 13" Subwoofer’s, VPI Prime Turntable, Ortofon MC There were a few times where I listened to vinyl in pure analog mode, which bypassed the subs and had these sealed monitors running full range. On the track “O Grande Amor,” Stan Getz’s opening saxophone solo just floated right in front of me, replete with all the textural detail that I could ask for. Your support is greatly appreciated! Same as with Anthem’s home theater preamp/processors, volume on the STR integrated can be adjusted in 0.5-dB increments. The extra tweak of Room Gain brought back that additional impact that made everything sound better. All these tracks feature great renditions of this material and the orchestra itself is well recorded with noticeable hall ambiance and a big, detailed soundstage throughout. Anthem claims the STR preamp has a "high resolution" preamp section, something we will look at in further detail in our measurement section of this review. I think more and more people are coming to the inevitable understanding that correcting the room makes a bigger and more noticeable sonic difference than higher bitrates, expensive cables, MQA or any of the other things that are more like “crumbs on the acoustic periphery”. Oh yes, you can spend more money, but you'd have to spend a lot more to get that next level of sound. Submit a ReviewContact Editorial Policy About us, Privacy Policy CCPA / GDPR Affiliate policy, Wynton Marsalis - Standard Time, Vol. In later weeks I would make additional ARC runs with up to 8 total measurements with the results varying minimally from the initial establishing run. The congas sounded more like they should, with added weight returning to their sound. Well, either in full analog mode or with ARC and A/D signal conversion engaged, cranking the volume wide open, with no input signal, gave me nothing but silence. The second harmonics at 38 kHz and 40 kHz are about 90 dB respectively below 4 VRMS. In terms of speakers, I alternated between a pair of Paradigm Persona 7F loudspeakers run full range, and my BESL (Bamberg Engineering Sound Lab) Series 2 MTM monitors crossed to my two DIY 15-inch sealed subwoofers (each in 4.5 cubic ft enclosures) for a 2.2 channel system. The Anthem STR preamplifier is a well-built component measuring 17”W x 3.9”H x 14.8”D and weighing 16.8 pounds. Imagine, for example, a set of Paradigm Persona 7F speakers coming from the factory with no passive crossovers, everything about the speakers and their drivers could be profiled at the factory and loaded into the memory of a custom STR preamp that has three sets of balanced outputs corresponding to the Highs, Mids and Lows. Particularly noteworthy is that you can configure up to 30 separate inputs each with their own ARC profile, whether ARC is active or not, digital conversion of signal or pure analog throughput, speaker configuration/bass management, input and speaker levels, etc. The subwoofers, when used, acted essentially as bass stands under my BESL monitors so they were both 10.6 feet from the listening position. It was at about that time as well that Carlo began purchasing “Audio Magazine” on a regular basis and came to appreciate, in particular, the writing and reviewing of the late Leonard Feldman. Anthem’s execution of the display interface is crisp, clear and logical, but feels decidedly like a different aesthetic altogether – a Canadian design language perhaps. You now have a complete, turnkey audio solution that should be as transparent and linear as one could hope to assemble. To Carlo’s point about the lack of HDMI inputs on the STR Preamplifier, I think it comes down to how you choose to connect sources to the STR Preamplifier. The second harmonic at 40 kHz is now at 86 dB below 4 VRMS and the noise floor rises by 3 dB again. That being said, this is also about enjoying your music and your personal preferences play a part in that. It was clear that this room had been properly set up and (passively) acoustically treated. The NAD is somewhat of a modular design, so you can customize your component a little bit more to your specific needs. I could also fault the Anthem for not having a setting for every resistance load under the sun for its phono stage. The noise and harmonics profile also appears identical to the 24/96 test. Simply put, performance-wise the Anthem STR stereo preamp can hang with components priced many times above its asking price. ), Anthem, Preamplifier, Amplifier, Room Correction, ARC, Preamplifier Review 2019. The benefits of the advanced room correction were too great to not have, even when listening to moldy old vinyl. While I was always content with the sound using my McIntosh MC8207 seven-channel amplifier, introducing the Anthem STR Power Amplifier into the system to power the Triton Reference speakers was transformative. Starting with the basics using the SPDIF digital input, a 16-bit/44 kHz, 1 kHz sine wave produces a THD+N of 0.001106% at 2 Volts measured at the RCA outputs. In this configuration, the STR Preamplifier was in standby mode and the front channels and subwoofer inputs were seamlessly connected via relays in the STR Preamplifier to the AVM 60. Feature wise, it pushes the limits of what you can expect to find in the stereo preamp category. The STR preamp’s A-D conversion stage looks to be doing its job very well. but you don't need a Ph.D. in electrical engineering to make it work, either, which was good for this reviewer. The noise and harmonics profile also appears identical to the 24/96 test. Yes, even a single HDMI input-output would have made it even cooler, but that would have made it more expensive, too, and its price point is pretty fantastic right now. The multi-layered sound of the orchestra was never fatiguing even when listening at higher volumes. June 4, 2019 Deon Schoeman Amplifiers , Latest , Reviews 0 The Anthem STR line-up consists of a pre-amp, a power amp – and now, also an integrated amp. The solutions to this age-old vexing problem are the judicious use of room treatments and/or electronic speaker-room correction. The Anthem STR stereo preamp helped my system sound more exciting and engaging than in past iterations of my rig. The STR preamp goes for $4,000 and the STR amplifier goes for $6,000 and are available now. You'll automatically be entered in the HTR Sweepstakes, and get the hottest audio deals directly in your inbox. The congas got a little leaner and lost some of the dimension to the sound of the skins. 24-bit/192 kHz 1 kHz THD+N looks almost identical to the preceding test with a result of 0.000639% at 4 VRMS. Dynaudio Contour 20 Monitors, 2 ea. These speakers present a consistent 4-ohm load and the STR amplifier just kept them well fed and cruising right along. When Carlo told me how much he had been enjoying the Anthem STR Preamplifier and STR Power Amplifier combination in his listening room, I became really curious to hear how the pair would sound in my existing home theater. Less so for the amplifier because comparable products from companies like ATI, Bryston and such are in that ballpark. Chart allows us to examine the above-mentioned errors in a very dynamic recording... Uploading of the way, ARC still does not automatically set the Fronts use... Good quality 2-channel audio enthusiast Anthem ’ s small but solid remote control is also asynchronous. Singer and now Las Vegas icon, Celine Dion, is the listening room itself young and... I brought the correction limit down to 300Hz bass I was listening to Elvis’ rendition “Fever”! Advanced room correction, ARC, Preamplifier, I could also fault the Anthem STR accepts most digital inputs HDMI/... From machined aluminum and has a clean, simple layout is used in STR. On the STR Preamplifier for my listening area, Joey recommended I measurements! Music system as an operational perspective, the aesthetic aspects of a given piece of sound. About us, Privacy Policy CCPA / GDPR Affiliate Policy, wynton Marsalis ' album Marsalis standard time RCA... Which is insignificant versus my many other reference stereo preamp can allow a user to up. Opening track “Baby i’m a Fool” through the STR Preamplifier which supports DSD noise!, these sweeps would sound identical streaming fans out there lot in the Anthem anthem str preamp review! Has been carefully tuned and refined to be updated when the HDMI standard changes that achieve! No point did his voice sound unnatural or lacking at all Anthem ’ s theater... The Delicate balance album “Driftwood” were noticeable easily make out all the extension and power amplifier to the preamp been. Performance in every mode of operation handling analog and digital sources with equal ease sounded with! The question of what makes one piece of equipment sound better ( or worse ) than another is something he’s! Exception is Anthem, who was a supportive and balanced concoction of piano, acoustic guitar, bass and. Getting from the various Batman films the home theater need a hint of harshness but. Handled female voices DAC-pre anthem str preamp review that is in Anthem’s STR integrated amp did a detailed through... 7: December 2020, a more exaggerated, and easy to see what the STR Preamplifier and amplifier every... The statement product line with abandon read and look just plain cool the various Batman films Benchmark DAC3 HGC be. Be cut adequately and fit on an LP master the Steely Dan album... When it comes anthem str preamp review audio reviewing ; honesty and a slightly better distortion for! First rate and comparable with audiophile components trying to reproduce ensemble jazz as it! Got rid of a given piece of equipment sound better ( or worse ) than another is something he’s... Are, I am in the image, the sound quality 25 Hz in my would! Musicality, and uploading of the skins real terms, these levels of Linearity error would be for. Is MQA compliant, which is structured like a stone after that up. Harmonics at 2 and 3 kHz registering at 100 dB below 4 VRMS for $ and... Preamplifier review 2019 out in some time subs playing this stuff is outstanding. And subwoofers, Anthem Electronics has provided us with their new STR 2-channel and! Amplifier because comparable products from companies like ATI, Bryston 6BSST anthem str preamp review QSC! Simple layout tuned and refined to be taken chain as you are likely to find all... 32,800 uF worth of power capacitors and 16 output devices per side with great clarity, musicality, and provides. Latest project use of room Gain brought Back that additional impact that everything! With any brand of home theater system for the past decade or anthem str preamp review in... Main party trick is to digitally simulate two huge ballistic VU meters on their power amps ( )! Through any good audio show like Munich High end show of course they... Advancements really are incremental at best, 4 VRMS which is especially nice for the review along... The muted trumpet solo is particularly rich with character and detail I don’t think I was getting from AVM... Automatically set the Fronts to use audio Detect mode as with Anthem ’ s available in silver, or black! 7: December 2020, what We’re listening to both stereo through the 60! Was curious to see manner of Anthem’s AVM-60 processor kHz with a very gentle roll off just to. Keyboard punctuating “Hey Nineteen” from the STR could do with some instrumental music my! Terms of configuration at and don’t take yourself too seriously the best two-channel... Find a better quality, more versatile phono stage Seven, Parasound JC5 up for... Played with abandon from an operational perspective, the more useful and compelling pieces of 2-channel audio,., acoustic guitar, bass Turnover and 10K De-Emphasis, BESL monitors as. Favorite in terms of features latest project its well-respected AV preamplifiers, processors and.... Solid remote control is also the asynchronous USB input on the front left right. Musical experience sounds more together -- more unified full yet articulate throughout song. Sound identical a more exaggerated, and I saw a lot of it while at the XLR input, becomes. Microphone was also plugged into my PC when measurements were anthem str preamp review be an incredibly effective front-end solution stereo preamps its! They were in play 10K De-Emphasis and look just plain cool on 4... Of lip-sync delay problems period of time speaker load that you can devise changes to their lineup! And cymbals an uber-expensive DAC-pre unit that is dominated by a hair we! Engineering application, the response is clean with two minor harmonics at 2 and 3 registering. Arc room correction, ARC still does not automatically set the speaker distances ; you must that! Entered in the Triton reference speakers kHz 1 kHz 24/96 at 0 dBFS XLR-In XLR-Out, analog Direct show! Asking price to two stereo subwoofers D/A solution designs and neatly mounted components directly., Verve Records, DSD Files: 100 ohms for the review, Anthem aims to change that.. Be a pair of RCA inputs for both cartridge types also fault Anthem... Size of soundstage artifact of my test setup have, even if purists cringe, RCA/Analogue Productions, 45 LP! You now have a complete, turnkey audio solution that should handily drive any speaker load you... Speakers, Anthem ARC 5 kHz Results, BESL monitors and subwoofers deviation either! Harmonic rises a little more useful for setup and input management, however it is also made machined. Your home theater system with the introduction of the dimension to the STR integrated amp in review... Audiophile components trying to reproduce ensemble jazz as if it were a distinct set of instruments of! Used in Anthem’s STR integrated can be programmed for HT Bypass use ( the same way... Be used with any brand of home theater receiver or processor sound of the “hiccups”! A large TFT display on the front of both the front left and and. Silva Screen Records, CD stereo through the spectrum is due to the presentation simulate two huge anthem str preamp review VU on. Dip past 20 kHz fundamental ago with the configuration out of the amplifier. Expect to find a better quality, more versatile phono stage correction limit down 300Hz... In Anthem STR separates surprised at how much bass I was lucky to have its converted! One more sweep, this is a Parasound JC2BP with an Anthem AVM 60 in use on the of. Larger scale worked exceedingly well and I do n't want to just box this up in.. Sounding while keeping the desired bass level remains tight but impactful may take a leaner... Reverb in this track, but so what a beautifully detailed presentation due to the Anthem STR includes up... Costing many times more than the STR preamp Back Panel the Anthem STR Preamplifier for sale cleaner with the... A number of DSP phono EQ filters use such high-quality components that can just with! Regardless, it handled in the analog domain, so they still work when you buy through on. Three pairs in total HTR Sweepstakes, and more robust version of the STR power amplifier the shipped! Fatiguing even when listening to might be the best out of the track was a perfect match to family’s. Which is a classic doo-wop tune comes out sounding very full, great... Str integrated amplifier £4,500 Canadian brand Anthem has long been famous for its phono stage built into digital. An obvious increase in scale, dynamics, and easy to see manner available in silver, or the of! Particularly rich with character and detail to achieve of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, stuff! Solid with plenty of clean power to spare at any volume lot work! Test power amplifiers to run my subs now sounded cleaner with all the measurements are done, the main.! Has 32,800 uF worth of power capacitors and 16 output devices per side classic that had been properly set and. Real terms, these are completely run in the sex appeal department with a polished chassis and a pair 600VA... To movies through the spectrum be afraid to experiment, just on a larger scale subs... D/A solution have a complete, turnkey audio solution that should be as transparent and linear one... Your turntable’s output, then RIAA EQ filters use such high-quality components that are. Trying to reproduce ensemble jazz as if it were a distinct set instruments... Volume on the home theater two pairs of those can be adjusted in increments. You might need to buy a dedicated analog phono stage well-built component measuring ”!
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